South by Southwest Trade Show 2016

The South by Southwest Trade Show 2016 brought a variety of tech services together with demos, short presentations, and lots of freebies.

SxSW Knowbility Expo 01

Knowbility at Expo today #SXSW2016

SxSW 2016 poster Rick Linklater dream is destiny

Rick Linklater, poster boy, for the movie Dream is Destiny  #SXSW2016

SxSW 2016 Gaming Poster 02

South by Southwest Interactive Gamers event is March 17-19, 2016. #sxswi #sxsw2016

SxSW 2016 Crypton CEO Hiroyoki Itoh & poster

Happy to see Crypton CEO Hiroyuki Itoh, creator of Hatsune Miku, virtual singer. Miku comes 2 Dallas 2016. #SXSW2016

SxSW 2016 VR demo expo

Let’s dance. Virtually, of course. VR demo #SXSW2016 Expo

SxSW 2016 Nasa VR demo

NASA VR demo #SXSW2016

SxSW 2016 Mascot expo hall

Not a furry, thank goodness. Mascot at #SXSW2016 expo hall.

SxSW 2016 NASA selfie ops

NASA selfie #SXSW2016 southby expo open today

SxSW 2016

Tradeshow #SXSW2016 robots, apps, future tools.

SxSW 2016 Del HealthHive

Dell Healthive #UTatSXSW #SXSWi2016 #SXSW2016 hookem

SxSW 2016 Transfor health w art demo

Transform health using art in clinics & hospitals #SXSW2016 #SXSWi2016

SxSW Am inventors patents

American inventors and patents. Find more online. #SXSW2016

SxSW Inventors need protection 02

Inventors need support, protection #SXSW2016

SxSW 2016 DOT Austin transport upgrades 01

DOT has chosen Austin for some transportation connection upgrades.

SxSW UT Health demo booth

Discover UT Health @uthealth_sbmi #SXSW2016 #SXSWi2016 no mascot but lots of heart.

SxSW 2016 Grindr demo

Grindr showed up to the trade show, bringing some fun.

SxSW 2016

Texas Advanced Computing Center UT Austin at Expo. Hookem!!

SxSW 2016

AI Samurai

SxSW 2016

NoMaps the #SXSW2016 for Japan supporting bands, films, & startup.

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