About the blogger

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Newology is a technology blog by Clair LaVaye, a writer and photographer located in Austin, Texas. The blog’s intent is to focus on anything new that relates to computer technology, Internet trends, transportation advances, virtual 3D world news, and technology news in and around Austin, Texas, including the annual South by Southwest Interactive Conference. Contact Clair LaVaye at clair.lavaye@gmail.com

Bio: Clair LaVaye has worked as a technical writer, editor, and communications specialist with a university transportation center (Center for Transportation Research, at UT Austin), where she created websites, managed social channels, and set up online photo archives. Like everyone else in Austin, there was that year where she managed data, web, and tech for a start-up. (If you want to know about that, you have to sign an NDA.) She continues to work at UT part-time on special projects.

She’s written for the Austin Chronicle and once was honored with the responsibility of editing for a small-town newspaper (the Wimberley View). To make good use of time that would otherwise be wasted sweeping up dust bunnies, she runs online simulated 3D opensim environments, writes historical fiction, and reads “difficult” literature with the aid of a flashlight, under the covers, after all the mice are sleeping.