About the blogger

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Newology is a technology blog by Clairwil Oh, a writer and photographer located in Austin, Texas. The blog’s intent is to focus on news that relates to computer technology, Internet trends, transportation advances, virtual 3D world news, and technology news in and around Austin, Texas, including the annual South by Southwest Interactive Conference. Contact Clairwil Oh at clairwil.oh (at gmail).

This blog posts rarely at this time but could be re-activated for a future South by Southwest.

Bio: Clairwil Oh was once a technical writer, editor, and communications specialist with a university transportation center where she managed technology transfer and set up websites, social networks, and image archives. Like everyone in Austin, there was a time when she set up a bunch of technical stuff with a start-up for a wildly eccentric multimillionaire who was big on NDAs, martial arts, and very complicated automobiles. Retired from the hectic hurly burly of startups, she now edits for a technical journal in NYC and does ESL editing for associates.

She’s written for the Austin Chronicle and once spent some time writing and editing for the Wimberley View. To pass time that would otherwise be wasted sweeping up digital dust bunnies, she runs simulated 3D environments in OS Grid, and writes historical fiction and plays.