Threat Assessment for Homeland Security: the calls are coming from inside the house

Note: Robert “Bobby” Chesney moderated the discussion. Note: This content is derived from live notes taken during the panel discussion; some text is therefore paraphrased. I take responsibility for any misunderstanding or misstatement.   Note: “agencies” is presumed to be the various U.S. security agencies. The “Agency” is presumed to mean “the FBI.” Note: caption…

South by Southwest Trade Show 2016

The South by Southwest Trade Show 2016 brought a variety of tech services together with demos, short presentations, and lots of freebies. Knowbility at Expo today #SXSW2016 Rick Linklater, poster boy, for the movie Dream is Destiny  #SXSW2016 South by Southwest Interactive Gamers event is March 17-19, 2016. #sxswi #sxsw2016 Happy to see Crypton CEO Hiroyuki Itoh, creator…

Cruzin’ off the rails with Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz under fire at the 2014 Texas Tribune Festival. Lots of suits here but the boo’s, so far, at earlier events, were from conservatives. Cruz goes one-on-one with Washington Post chief correspondent Dan Balz. Ted Cruz chooses racism at the Texas Tribune Festival when he calls undocumented workers and their families “illegals” and suggests…

Left of center: is there a Texas political “center” and how’s it doing?

Can the Center Hold? To be (in the center) or not to be? Thus is the question today discussed with Evan Smith (Tribfest) with those listed above. Quotable quotes: The system is dominated by money. We don’t have any idea where we are headed. Republicans are talking nonsensical garbage. Hutchinson – redistributing and gerrymandering. The primary…


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